Superpositional Reality Grenade (deliciouspear) wrote in it_cannot_brain,
Superpositional Reality Grenade

Fatty Fatty Two by Four, FUCKS YOUR BOYFRIEND.

Okay, this started by me saying I was a chubby girl who liked "pale scrawny nerds."

I got this response and given the way the person types I suspect they are a younger skinny girl, rather than a fat man.

JESS LUKIN: If you're fat, you should be OK with fat guy. It's not right thinking you deserve what you are not.

ME: Well, by your logic, you better not try to ever date a smart person.

It's not a question of who deserves anything. Fat people aren't better or worse than skinny people. My husband is chubby and I think he's way hotter than most skinny men.

Furthermore, the 800+ messages I'm deleting from an old profile, all from skinny men who want a chubby girl, would also say you're wrong.

I don't expect you to believe any of this however, since that would take a working brain and a social conscience.


ME: Oooooooooooo!

Great comeback there smarty party.

I'm trying to figure out if you're a fat guy I rejected years ago who's still bitter or a skinny girl who feels threatened by the fact that I have better tits than you.
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