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Nour, my new boyfriend

Nour IMMed me out of the blue and proclaimed that he was my new boyfriend. Well, fine, I don't mind a new boyfriend. But if I'm his girlfriend (which was also one of his proclamations), I'm sure gonna be his crazy, crazy, Gothy, Gothy girlfriend. Thus:

Nour: how r u?

Me: my hearts blood leaks on the sands of the indigo desert

Nour: why?

Me: My glass heart shattered in my hands, and I lay in the shards.

Nour: is this a part of a poeme?

Me: My life is a poem. A poem of despair.

Nour: despair no no don't say this
don't never be despair

Me: Shall instead I be a lie? For cheer is a lie, joy is a lie, light is a lie.
Nour: no it's not
if u can't see light i m sure there's light inside you which guide you
as for us we se elight but no real light guide us

Me: I cannot see it. It was shattered; it is gone; it will never return.
Nour: com'on

Me: Come where? There is no destination save the grave, no true embrace save that of worms.
Nour: i mean com'on don't be sespair

smile please

Me: I am not, as you so eloquently put it, 'sespair'. I am in the darkness, and shards of frozen glass are in my chest.
My smile is a ghastly grimace of scarred flesh and broken teeth!
Nour: broken teeth?

Me: That is what happens when one has one's face repeatedly slammed into a cinderblock, yes.
Nour: ooh sorry

Me: Your sorrow rings like a lost copper coin.
Nour: why u say this?

Me: Out of shame, or pity.
Nour: mmmm

Me: Your m's crawl like icy worms.
Nour: heheheh
u live alone?

Me: Oh Nour, can you not see it? You are already dead!
Nour: me dead?

Me: All life is dead.
Nour: i can understand after life come death
sometimes sudden death like Michael jackson

Me: And the future rushes on towards us like a wave of dark, dark ice.
Nour: real light is inheaven

Me: And to heaven I cannot come, for I have worn the beret of shame.
Nour: why?

Me: I thought it was my veil.
Nour: u believe in God?

Me: i believe in he who has cursed me!
Nour: no body cursed you

Me: is your wisdom and understanding perfect then?
Nour: i don't know

Me: that would be a 'no'.
How can you understand, Nour? have you tasted the fettucini of doom?
Nour: what's that?

Me: It's like fettucini Alfredo, only with doom instead of cheese.
Nour: who is that?

Nour: it's a recipes

Me: Yes. Fettucini Alfredo is one of the classics of Italian cooking
Nour: yummy
well my friend i gtg now
i hope to see u soon

Me: You flee! You fly! You seek to escape!
Nour: nooo
why u say this?

Me: But you are trapped. The world is a tangle of sour noodles, and they will wrap you round and bring you back.
just take care of yourself

i like you

Me: I like glass.
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