Superpositional Reality Grenade (deliciouspear) wrote in it_cannot_brain,
Superpositional Reality Grenade

What in the sam hell is "DOG LICKING?!?!?"

And here are a few that were in my inbox that I didn't respond to:

tony kor: hi baby i read yours post. you so sweet. im tony 27yo, 6'4".i want kiss yours beauty neck, yours sexy tits and wet pussy. do you interesting????????

malcolm maccorgarry: Hey I'm malcolm I'm 6 2 190 lbs well bilt marine wite brown hair green eyes and below I'm 8 in long and 2 in wide if u like what u see email me back and ill show u I'm real I'm veary domanit in beed or wear ever we diced to fuck but I get off on when I make u cum I love getting my dicked sucked and haveing u swallow hitting it from behind pulling ur hair and making it rough and flipping u over and putting ur leags on my sholders as I slam my dick deep in to u and blowing my load all over ur body

herefx: Hmm perhaps yiou would like to be punished over my knee with blindfilds, hands tied- and taught how to suck cock while still blindfolded?? Not in the same way...,.., in the. Same way- licking my toes - while. I am Spanking- and fucking your ass withi giant cucumbers!!!!

Hans: Dog licking is kinky

you getting lots of responses, you seem like fun I could use a good cumminng.

what have you done that is kinky?

bet your ass would look good, with some hand prints on it.
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