Superpositional Reality Grenade (deliciouspear) wrote in it_cannot_brain,
Superpositional Reality Grenade

One Liners!

Ah MySpace, this is why I only log in once every 6 months to delete shit. Let me be clear (again) that I am NOT soliciting these messages. Every profile I have anywhere says I'm married and not poly.

Hokay, on to the one-liners:


SensualSeattle: I like to feel her body tight against mine as she cums and cums hard... I hope this isn't too personal.


alascanflick: I like anything my girlfriend won't find out. I've let her get away with allot of stuff now I feel I need something to top her screwups, something I don't tell her but gives me that confidence edge she won't understand, I know sounds crazy, after 5 years I feel it.


Kenny: I am not goth, my wife thinks I'm attractive(haha).


VonneyThol: can you step up to the plate? i wanna c for myself. kuz once i am thought you might leave that hubbby of yours so holla at me


Edoardocastillo: what not you flavour


NathanSchopf: could you send me pics to jack off with??Please?? Thanks for your time..


Okay, this guy actually sent me several one-line emails, one after another, theses are the "best" two:

Jim63146: Kinky? Kinky is pee games.

Jim63146: Kinky? Kinky is stretching your pussy with a baseball bat.


bigweave49: if your up for rat luck your ass. I love to sick and bite on tits. But I want to fuck your pussy and have you call me son the most.


tonymartin: Does suck in your clit but not let you cum until you wash my car qualify?


p64107: am large hands and feet if size is an issue
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